No outfit is complete without accessories! Mine were a mixed of new, old, and borrowed.

Apron – I used a half-yard of fabric which ended up making a rather narrow apron, but it works on me because I’m built about like a telephone pole. If you’re normal-sized, try using ¾ of a yard instead. I might make a wider one in the future. After machine-sewing the hems and edges, I gathered it onto a length of matching double-fold bias tape that I hand-sewed shut.

  • thin brown leather belt from Target
  • straw hat from Fantasyland Costumes – a bit big, but if I cinch down the tie below my bun and pin it, it stays on. I decorated it with a feather and a small fake flower that I found in my craft bin.
  • A straw fan from Fantasyland Costumes helped me deal with August heat in far too many layers. This is a lifesaver, definitely worth the $2.50!
  • cotton kung-fu/china slippers from Fantasyland Costumes. I definitely got what I paid for with these, but they will basically function as foot coverings. They’re standing up remarkably well to the Faire, including mud.
  • “period” drinking vessel- my Dad’s old aluminum Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity tankard
  • medium-sized basket that’s been around since before I was born.
  • necklace – I bought some coral-colored beads at Joann’s and a simple clasp, and made a 1-strand necklace to add some more color to my outfit and matching earrings.
  • I didn’t bother to buy a leather pouch for my money, instead wearing a modern-day travel belt over my petticoat and under the kirtle – it’s accessible from the front slit in the kirtle, and the volume of the gathers keeps the lump from showing.
  • A true Elizabethan would have been scandalized by my lack of stockings. I really don’t care.