Helpful DIY Links

I could never have made this costume without the blood, sweat, tears, and fantastic blog posts of many costumers before me. I’ve included  a list below of helpful people and their blogs.

Extreme Costuming’s Elizabethan Women Post – great comparison of social classes!

Drea Leed over at has compiled a phenomenal resource for anyone interested in the time period. I used several of her tutorials

It’s always interesting to look at other fair and reenactment group websites to get a feel of what they require of their cast. This one was useful to get a feel of the parts of a costume. Keep in mind that many of those groups are really hard-core about authenticity, and you can choose how closely to follow them. A talented seamstress who works at Kentwell House in England made an accessible blog detailing how she made her own costume to those standards – check it out!

If you’re drafting your own bodice with or without a skirt and want that classic wench look, check out the Semptress’s Ren Wench Bodice Pattern tutorial, written by the very talented Missa.  I found it more useful for making my kirtle and hybridized it with Drea Leed’s tutorial. When you’re ready to sew it together, Missa has a tutorial for that too.

Dress Diaries

The Girl With the Start-Spangled Heart

The Lady Adventurer and her brown kirtle, seen below

It's excellent for spinning

Morgan Donner, who is generally awesome and does inspiring Italian costumes

Laur at Daze of Laur, whose green dress I inadvertently copied (Sorry Laur, you just have really good taste!


For inspiration for colors and shapes, check out Ekaterina’s photographs!

I also follow Ekaterina’s Pinterest Board of Working-Class Women’s Costumes – it’s wonderful inspiration.

As I’m looking forward to making my noble gown using Simplicity 3782, I love Emily Hasting’s blog post at Realms of Legend about how she made hers! It’s super helpful!

Gown on the lawn



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