Linen = Renaissance rain gear

An old picture resurfaced from an acquaintance’s phone last week. During the 2016 Mid-South Ren Festival, it POURED both Saturdays. The site turned into a mud pit, Queen Bess hurried for cover, and multiple vendors’ trucks got stuck.  It turns out that my peasant costume has an advantage. The linen chemise and the green linen/rayon blend overdress dried so quickly!

soggy peasant

This photo was taken thirty minutes after I had struggled in the rain to get multiple tents up and supplies distributed. The only part of my costume that was truly bedraggled was my cotton underskirt. I wish I had made it out of the same blend as the dress.  With the help of some extra safety pins to hold my skirts up my big straw hat (almost an umbrella, right?) and a pair of cheap, short black rain boots from Target I managed to avoid getting bogged down in the mud.  I’m thinking of being a noble next summer, but this dress is so comfortable!!


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