Gearing up for Faire season #2…

Last summer got me hooked, and since then I’ve been tossing around ideas in my head about what to do this summer.

So, with no further ado, a shameless plug. GO TO THE MID SOUTH RENAISSANCE FAIRE. It will be fantastic.

Before that, though, I’m meeting up with some college friends over Memorial Day Weekend to check out the Tennessee Renaissance Festival. It will the Celtic themed weekend, and I’m so excited to see what the fledgling Mid-South Ren Fair could be when it grows up!

The costume that I’ve blogged about here was the very first historical garb I made, and I’ve been thinking about what I could have done better. First of all, I would have cut the bodice about an inch smaller around. After some experimenting, I decided it would actually be more comfortable if it fit more snugly around my waist so it wasn’t all hanging from my shoulders.  I drafted the bodice too much like a modern dress bodice pattern without allowing for support and lift. Of course, if I continue at my current rate of pop-tart consumption that might no longer be a problem. I’m also thinking of adding an olive-colored stripe of bias tape (called a “guard” in garb-speak) around the hem of the skirt to add some flair.

I’ve made a poofy Italian-style chemise to wear with it! Pics and a full post to come.

I’m plotting how to sew a belt pouch to replace the travel money-belt that I stashed under my dress last summer. I still have the brown fake microsuede remnants from a 3rd-grade “Native American” Thanksgiving pageant costume in my stash, which will do well as a drawstring bag. I might buy a leather pouch if one catches my eye at the Tennessee RenFest, but am not enough in love with any of the leather pouches that I’ve seen online in my price range to splash out and buy one.

If I’m going to completely jump on the historical accuracy bandwagon I’ll need to cover my hair with a coif of some sort under my straw hat. I found a great link to how to make these at the Marquess of Winchester’s Regiment, and I have plenty of white fabric lurking in my stash, so I have no excuse not to make one. That particular set of instructions trends about 50 years too late for the rest of my costume but the basic patterns are good. I’ll just keep the brim a bit smaller. And of course, since I’m a lowly peasant, the elaborate lace is out of the picture.

My hair is growing out nicely, but I’m coveting fake hair to do beautiful Italian braided hairstyles like Morgan Donner demonstrates so well.

A new apron also needs to be in the works – my current one wasn’t nearly big enough to handle the mess of my tomato -selling job at last year’s fair.

So many ideas, but also so many classes and so little time… let’s see what I get around to!


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